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17 Oct



Okay. For those that are in the “No Trump, no matter what camp.” I can certainly understand how voting for him might go against some things you hold near and dear to you.

You may detest the way he presents himself. Or the way he responds to criticism. Maybe you don’t think he is conservative enough. Or that he is too rich. Or how he got that way.

But think about what you like about America. The freedom to aspire to and actually achieve almost anything you desire. And most importantly, the concept that “We The People” run the show, not We the Government.

Then think about Hillary. Enough of that nightmare.

Vote Trump in November.


Next Step—Social Security

13 Oct

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Those of us old enough to be on Social Security may have to take a little less than we’re getting now. I think that some “means testing” would be a good thing. Maybe even delaying when to start collecting it might not be a bad idea either.

Some changes will have to be made. However, so as not to scare people too much, no changes should be made for those in or near retirement. Then we should:

  • Strongly defend Medicare and Medicare Advantage for current seniors,
  • Gradually increase the Social Security Retirement age to keep up with changes in life expectancy,
  • Reduce the rate of growth of benefits for upper-income seniors while making the program stronger for low-income seniors

Deal Aggressively With ISIS

ISIS seeks to destroy our very way of life. It must be destroyed as soon as possible. That means take the fight to them on both a military and economic front.

A Few Other Things to Work On

Excessive regulation of our industries and employment centers must be curbed. We must allow our businesses to grow without interference from Washington.

Cancel President Obama’s unconstitutional executive orders:

  • Eliminate federal funding for sanctuary cities
  • Deport criminal illegal aliens (systematically, not all at once)
  • Finish all 700 miles of walls on our southern border
  • Implement an entry-exit visa tracking system
  • Implement a mandatory e-Verify system

We must enact pro-growth, pro-family tax reform that cuts taxes for all businesses to 25% and allow all businesses to immediately expense every dollar that they invest in the economy.

Simplify the tax code so normal human beings can easily understand and fill out their own tax forms. While we are at it why not just eliminate the IRS as we know it.

Several other departments should be evaluated to determine a more appropriate role for them to play. Shift as much back to the states and local government. Let those most able to handle the requirements retain the dollars they would otherwise ship back to Washington.

This would include the Departments of Commerce, Housing and Urban Department, Energy and Education.

Some examples to consider:

  • Fully utilize our energy resources and embrace the 21st century energy economy,
  • Pursue policies that lower energy costs, fight policies that raise them,
  • Allow charter schools and other innovative schools to flourish, and the key to that is empowering parents,
  • Promote school choice to provide opportunity to poorer communities, help special needs children, and raise quality across the system,
  • Modernize higher education to equip workers with the skills they need in the 21st

Think about which candidate wants to accomplish what needs to be done to keep our country great. And which candidate is capable to do the job that needs to be done.

See you next time


Let’s Get Real

10 Oct

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Republicans all want to accomplish the following:

  • Balance the budget just like you and I must do,
  • Cut taxes for families and businesses,
  • Rein in federal regulations that needlessly strangle our economic engines,
  • Tear down barriers to increased energy production, and
  • Return major federal responsibilities back to our states and communities where they can be performed more efficiently and responsively to serve Americans.

Focusing efforts on getting our house in order is a much better approach than pandering those looking for free handouts. But it is easy to see why the dem’s do that. It is just their way to buy votes rather than find solutions to their problems. It also keeps those who could help themselves subjugated to big government.

Selling emotion rather than facts is effective to gain votes. Take an example from VP Joe Biden. He said something like “republicans want to put you back in chains.” No wonder why the Black audience would want to vote democratic?

Or look at the picture of Rep. Paul Ryan pushing an old lady over the cliff. Easy to figure out how AARP members would vote.

But neither of these cases have any basis in fact. Actually, until the 1960’s Negros (as they were called back then) sided with Republicans more often than not.

Consider that Lyndon Johnson blocked Eisenhower’s attempt to advance the civil rights agenda. Yet when it suited his position a few years later the Civil Rights legislation passed under his presidency.

Even then the dems tried mightily to block that effort as well. Many more Republicans voted in favor of the Civil Rights legislation than did dems. You’d never know that now would you?

Again, emotions are great motivators. And dems are the masters of that craft. Why? If real facts entered the picture they would lose every time.

Just look at their leadership during the past fifty years in some of the cities where Blacks are suffering the most. Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, New Orleans, and Washington, DC to name a few. All run by democrats for years.

Facts are dull, often confusing and always prime for misuse. But not using them as a basis for decision-making can be very dangerous.

Most people aren’t interested in facts. Or at least doing the necessary research to make sure the facts they are using are accurate or are being properly applied.

The Affordable Care Act—what should we do about it?

It should be abolished in its entirety. But, before doing that a clearly articulated alternative should be developed. Not by just one party, or the health lobby groups, but in the way laws should all be drafted—the old fashioned way. All sides working together to find answers to our problems.

What exactly do we want to accomplish? And how do we get that done?

There are many, many laudable things in the ACA. It’s not like Republicans are opposed to them. Pick what is really needed early in the process; then figure out how to pay for it. Then let everyone know how the new Really Affordable Care Act will help them with their health issues.

And let’s not come up with another multiple-thousand page bill supported by only one political party. That didn’t work out well the last time and it won’t now.

Finally, don’t count on the Supreme Court to bail us out. That hasn’t worked well in the past has it?

Then, after a well thought out bill has been drafted, the ACA should be abolished. AND, then replaced.

This will be a good start in reducing our debt. There is no reason that the federal government should be running the show.

You guessed it. There’s more. See you next time.


Clean Up Obama’s Mess

06 Oct

Undoing most of the mess that President Obama created will take years. Sure, President Bush left him in a very bad position to start with. But he leveraged that beyond belief.

More damaging though is that some of the early actions Bush took to correct things were questionable. One thing for sure, they opened the door wide enough for Obama to go wild.

Let’s start with a big one.

Rebuild Our Military

The absolute number one priority of the federal government is to protect us from our enemies. Not just the old fashioned type of enemy, i.e., other nations that wish us harm. We need to deal with the new kind as well. Those acting more like lowlife thugs.

No matter which type that threatens us, we must have a strong, vibrant, well-respected military at our disposal.

Our current president prides himself on just how effective he has been. All the while dispatching our once powerful fighting force to his personal garbage heap. And the democratic candidates are in lock step with his policies. They even praise him.

We must undo the damage caused by the trillions of indiscriminate defense cuts Obama has made over the years. And, as candidate Rubio said, we must:

  • Plug critical operations and maintenance shortfalls, restore military readiness through accelerated training and exercises, and make targeted investments in urgent modernization priorities.
  • Build a “full spectrum” force able to maintain security simultaneously in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

All the Republican candidates stressed these steps as well. We don’t want to bully other nations. But, we do want them to know that they can count on us to live up to our commitments. Commitments either in favor of or against them.

We must be selective in the “Red Lines” we draw in the sand. But once drawn we have to follow through if they are crossed. Only in that way will others, both friend and foe, know they can trust us to live up to our word.

To do that we must have the military might to back up what we say. In no time at all, other countries will eagerly join us to accomplish our collaborative objectives.

One final point: the VA has failed our veterans, and continues to fail them every day. This must stop. At least on this point both Republicans and democrats agree. Alas though, the methods to accomplish this are night and day apart. It will take more than just the federal government to correct the mess we have now.

The Iran Debacle

The ill shaped Iran Deal must also be dealt with in order to improve out national security. President Obama’s flawed Iran deal is crazy to the extreme. It must be revoked.

It’s a prime example of how not to negotiate a deal. You never want something so badly that you are willing to give in to all your opponent’s demands.

Iran’s leaders must have to choose between having a nuclear weapons program or having an economy. It would be kind of nice if their leaders quit yelling (even ranting) “Death to America!”

Fiscal Sanity

$19 trillion debt. Just visualize your grandchildren dealing with paying that debt off. No way I want to go to my grave leaving them to fend for themselves like that.

It is insane to take on such a level of indebtedness. It will make slaves (or at least indentured servants) of us all. No way should we let Hillary add willy-nelly to our debt.

One political side thinks playing Robin Hood is admirable. It makes them feel good I guess. But I think they aren’t looking at Robin Hood correctly. After all he was robbing from the government. The Dems want to rob from the people to build up the government.

You hear little else from them. It is basically—give, give, give. But remember their mission is for people to be beholding to them. They obviously don’t think you can take care of yourself.

We’ll sum it up next time.


So What’s the Big Deal Anyway?

03 Oct


What is the most important issue that this election needs to resolve? Above all else, it is just a single issue. And that is:

Safeguarding Our Constitution!

Without any doubt it is the viability of the Constitution itself. Will it continue to be the shining light on the hill? Or will it degenerate into what the dems want, a living, but most certainly, a dying document?

The outcome will depend most importantly on who our next president is. Followed closely by which party controls the Senate.

That really sounds Draconian doesn’t it? Well it really isn’t. Here is why:

  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg, age 83
  • Anthony Kennedy, age 80
  • Stephen Breyer, age 78
  • A vacancy needing to be filled.

“We the People” need a president that will nominate Supreme Court Justices and lower-court judges who will interpret the Constitution not change it based on their beliefs. If the Supreme Court doesn’t accept the Constitution as originally written and amended then our country will continue its slide into a socialistic, valueless quagmire.

New Justices must be committed to:

  • Restoring the original constitutional structure of separation of powers and federalism;
  • Keeping the federal government within its original, limited sphere; and
  • Enforcing the rights that actually appear in the constitutional text, rather than inventing rights that do not exist.

“We the Government” types (democrats) want to fill the courts with living document believers. That way they make the federal government all-powerful the easy way. It only takes getting five people to do the job. Why make Congress do the dirty work? That’s just too messy. And, it takes too long.

The real aim of democrats is to hold the people down by providing “give away” programs. Making the people depend on government is the easiest way to keep them in their place.

They want to replace individual responsibility with government servitude. After all, they feel that ordinary folks really don’t know what’s good for them.

Their aim is to keep the majority under the wing of the government. To make sure they don’t exceed their correct place in life. It wouldn’t be right if they became self-sufficient now would it?

The lines couldn’t be more clearly drawn. Don’t let the wool be pulled over your eyes. The freedom of “We the People” is up for grabs. It is as simple as that. You either have freedom from government or become a slave to it.

But wait. There’s more! Check in next time.


The Tenth Amendment

29 Sep

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The founders wanted “We The People” to run the show. They did not want a federal government to have control over most of what we do.

The closer control lies to “We The People” the better. Establishing strong states and severely limiting the power of the central government provided the answer.

The Founders chose to guarantee that power resided in the states by putting each state on equal ground regardless of the number of people within its boundaries. That meant “the big” states could not run roughshod over the smaller, more rural states.

To assure that states retained power over the feds, the Constitution…originally…required state legislatures (not the people) to select each of its two senators. This meant that the desires of the states held reign.

The Seventeenth Amendment changed all of that. It put selecting our Federal senators in the hands of the general electorate.

While that might sound like a good thing, it actually severely weakened the states. State legislators have a much better handle on determining the impact that federal legislation might have on their state. The Senate really reflected the whims of the states and put a brake to “unfunded mandates.”

Forcing “unfunded mandates” down the throats of their state could better be held in check. Something like Obama Care would have never seen the light of day had that change not been made.

While I don’t like the Seventeenth Amendment very much, at least it changed the Constitution the way it was intended to be changed. Not by judicial decree or presidential executive order.

Okay, it’s time to get back to the upcoming election. And why it matters so much. That’s next.


Now, the Second Amendment

26 Sep

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Guns! Seems you either love them or hate them. The Second Amendment is on the side of those that love them.

What to do about them is the subject of national debate. “Common Sense” reform is bandied about; particularly after a gun related tragedy occurs.

But there is a whole lot of wishful thinking going on out there.

Guns, like cars, aren’t really killers. Either of them might be an instrument of death. But usually someone has to be operating them.

Both can be very valuable if used properly. But extremely deadly if not.

Depending on where you live, you may have a very different idea of why others living around you either should or shouldn’t be allowed to posses one.

If you live in a very densely populated area you may very well rather that nobody has one. After all, that’s what taxi’s, buses, metro lines and police are for. And not many are hunters or rely on a gun for eating or protection.

On the other hand if you live out in the woods you may just want one, perhaps even need one. If your 911 calls take an hour or two for an officer to show up, you just might need a way to defend yourself, or your property.

Many people use guns to put food on their tables. And some use them for recreation.

Two major exceptions though. Nearly all criminals and more than a few mentally deranged individuals want to have a gun. Even though we might not like it they can easily find a way to get one. No law, no matter how well designed will prevent them from obtaining one.

Hence, the wishful thinking. Taking a gun away from a law-abiding citizen does absolutely nothing to keep guns out of the hands of those bent on harming others.

If there is a way to ban tornadoes and hurricanes from attacking us we just might be able to figure out a way to deal with our gun issues. Until then, let’s just agree to disagree. Okay?

Sadly, I didn’t think so.

On to the Tenth Amendment next.


First Things First—Our Foundation

22 Sep

Good to have you back. Let’s look at the bedrock of guiding principles set out by our Founders. They are very important. But, we have strayed away from them during the past twenty-five years. And it’s getting worse at an ever-increasing pace.We must rededicate ourselves to these principles before it is too late. Let’s review them:

  • A representative democracy,
  • A respect for individual and civil liberties,
  • A respect for human rights,
  • A belief in the equality of men and women,
  • And, a tolerance of different worldviews and religious beliefs.

You might argue that Secretary Clinton subscribes to the same thoughts. But you would be wrong. I really believe that.

Her acknowledged means of securing these values is totally different than the more conservative approach prescribed by the Founders.

Our Constitution lays out a much better approach. That is: maximize individual freedom by limiting government to specific areas of responsibilities.

Who we select to run our country for the next four to eight years will dictate the fundamental course of our human events.

Just what is at stake as “We the People” step into that voting booth and check off our picks in November? Well, let’s start with the fate of our Constitution itself.

Let us look at three of the amendments contained in the Bill of Rights: the First, Second and Tenth. Each of these has been severely threatened in the last several years.

The First Amendment

The First Amendment states: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

Jaded interpretations of our religious liberties eat away at the foundation upon which this great nation was founded. The values highlighted in a Judeo-Christian believe system has served us well over the years.

Many other religions subscribe to these values as well. However there are some that don’t.

If a religion won’t allow its followers to pledge allegiance to the Untied States, then let them visit, but not stay. Certainly not become citizens of this great country.

But as long as they align with keeping our nation strong, safe and free from religious persecution, we should welcome them. 

Did The Founders Screw Up?

If the Founders made a major blunder it was that they should also have referenced the Supreme Court and the President, as well as Congress, in the First amendment.

Of late the Court hasn’t felt constrained from establishing new laws now and again. President Obama has even has made up a few new laws on his own. Rightfully, that’s Congress’s job.

Members of the Supreme Court need a refresher on just what their duties are. Am I being a bit presumptuous? Perhaps, but that’s my take on what the Constitution dictates.

The beauty of the First Amendment is that it prevents government from adopting a particular religion. Government can’t force a particular religion on us. Nor can any individual or religious doctrine demand any other individual or our country to subscribe to its beliefs or practices.

It is clear our Founders knew what it meant to live under the threat of not going along with a religion sponsored by its government. They wanted to make sure that our citizens aren’t required to practice any particular religious doctrine or to have no religion at all if they so choose.

What about freedom of speech? Wow, has this concept been pummeled lately. I’ll admit that many people have stretched the boundaries of just what that freedom means.

A little common sense, common courtesy, and sensitivity would help. Perhaps some thicker skin would also help. But to abolish certain words, or allow only select people who use them goes against the grain of what our Founders prescribed.

In the old days: “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me” made sense. Today, maybe not so much. I’m just saying—let’s not get carried away.

On to the Second Amendment next time. See you then.


A slippery slope too far…

19 Sep

Our two major political parties are badly split on one very important issue. Just how should our Constitution dictate the way we live our lives?

The Republicans believe the principles laid out by our founding fathers should determine how we behave as a nation. The democrats prefer that things have changed so much that these principles no longer apply.

One Supreme Court ruling after another have sided with the liberals. Each moving us further away from the individual freedom and limited government the Founders drafted for us. Our nation is careening down that “proverbial slippery slope” at the speed of a full-blown avalanche. One could say we are quivering precariously on the very edge of no return.

I think we are smashing headlong toward a catastrophic dismantling of our constitutionally guaranteed way of life. A way that has served us well for over two hundred years.

Individual freedom is being ripped from our grasp almost daily. Liberal doses of Political Correctness and ideological, rather than constitutionally based Supreme Court rulings have inched us closer to the edge. Feckless leadership by our recent presidents and many of our so-called congressional leaders push us even closer.

“We the People” have a choice to make in November. That choice has never been clearer.

Will we pick continued reliance on our government for supplying our basic needs? Or will we shift back toward self-reliance leaving the government to safeguard only the poor, the weak and the needy?

Do we want an all-powerful central government rather than control closer to “We the People?” These are the questions that voters will answer in November.

Tune out now if you are frightened by the thought of individual responsibility. Or by the thought that you, not the government, are your “brother’s keeper.”

If you fall in this camp reading on will only infuriate you. Kind of like I react reading the progressive gibberish spewed out by the liberal blogosphere. Except my language isn’t so crass.

If you want a country that is truly diverse, not just racially and ethnically, then continue reading. Explore the possibility of a country blessed with a healthy dose of diversity of thought. In other words, a county strengthened by a melting pot not unlike that which made this country truly exceptional.

If you’re inclining toward where I’m heading, hang in there. See you on my next post.


In the beginning…there was…

15 Sep

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“We the People of the United States…do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

This Constitution guaranteed “We the People” individual liberty and freedom. Its fundamental principles, if followed, will protect us from an oppressive government. Never again did our Founders want their children or grandchildren to live under a government that rules over us, dictating our every move.

But will this guarantee last forever? So long as we stick to the principles outlined therein we will be OK..

The founders felt an all-powerful government was not in the best interest of the people. They provided us a Constitution that protects us against such a government. That protection will remain as long as we want it.

But if we get sloppy and neglect its principles we can forfeit that protection. And it can be lost is less than a generation.

The Constitution set out the principles that guards against man’s natural tendency to seek power. Carefully crafted “checks and balances” allows the pendulum of power to swing back and forth. Thus assuring that power-hungry politicians could never steal power from “We the People.”

Our Constitution places political power squarely on the shoulders of “We the People.” The bedrock of power plainly and unmistakably rests with “We the People.”

After “We The People,” the power shifts to the individual states. Always keeping control as close to “We the People” as possible.

Finally, just to make sure that the central government’s power is kept in check; the Constitution specifically limits its power. Only after those activities the states and local government can’t effectively handle does power shift to the central government. Things like providing for our nation’s defense and regulation of immigration into our country clearly belong at the federal level.

These aren’t living, changeable principles. No, they are carved in stone. Should we violate them, we do so at our peril.

That’s not to say that things can’t change as time marches on. The Constitution provides a method to make adjustments when appropriate.

Several changes have been made from time to time. One of those amendments (XVIII) was reversed when “We The People” decided a mistake was made.

I think at least one other Amendment should be reversed (XVII) as it takes away the power the states should have over the federal government.

Perhaps one other (XVI) should be modified to require a vote of “We the People” as well as Congress before imposing income taxes on us. After all wasn’t “taxation without representation” one of the reasons we fought to break away from England?

I hardly think that only five or six hundred people adequately represent three to four hundred million people. Do you? Yet that is exactly how it works in this day and age. Sometime as few as five can mess things up.

So today we are struggling to see just how we proceed as a nation. Clearly, it is simply not possible for us to continue to think that we can continue on as we have the past twenty or so years. Now is the time to fish or cut bait.

That is what we’ll explore in the next few articles. It should be interesting.


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