Next Step—Social Security

13 Oct

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Those of us old enough to be on Social Security may have to take a little less than we’re getting now. I think that some “means testing” would be a good thing. Maybe even delaying when to start collecting it might not be a bad idea either.

Some changes will have to be made. However, so as not to scare people too much, no changes should be made for those in or near retirement. Then we should:

  • Strongly defend Medicare and Medicare Advantage for current seniors,
  • Gradually increase the Social Security Retirement age to keep up with changes in life expectancy,
  • Reduce the rate of growth of benefits for upper-income seniors while making the program stronger for low-income seniors

Deal Aggressively With ISIS

ISIS seeks to destroy our very way of life. It must be destroyed as soon as possible. That means take the fight to them on both a military and economic front.

A Few Other Things to Work On

Excessive regulation of our industries and employment centers must be curbed. We must allow our businesses to grow without interference from Washington.

Cancel President Obama’s unconstitutional executive orders:

  • Eliminate federal funding for sanctuary cities
  • Deport criminal illegal aliens (systematically, not all at once)
  • Finish all 700 miles of walls on our southern border
  • Implement an entry-exit visa tracking system
  • Implement a mandatory e-Verify system

We must enact pro-growth, pro-family tax reform that cuts taxes for all businesses to 25% and allow all businesses to immediately expense every dollar that they invest in the economy.

Simplify the tax code so normal human beings can easily understand and fill out their own tax forms. While we are at it why not just eliminate the IRS as we know it.

Several other departments should be evaluated to determine a more appropriate role for them to play. Shift as much back to the states and local government. Let those most able to handle the requirements retain the dollars they would otherwise ship back to Washington.

This would include the Departments of Commerce, Housing and Urban Department, Energy and Education.

Some examples to consider:

  • Fully utilize our energy resources and embrace the 21st century energy economy,
  • Pursue policies that lower energy costs, fight policies that raise them,
  • Allow charter schools and other innovative schools to flourish, and the key to that is empowering parents,
  • Promote school choice to provide opportunity to poorer communities, help special needs children, and raise quality across the system,
  • Modernize higher education to equip workers with the skills they need in the 21st

Think about which candidate wants to accomplish what needs to be done to keep our country great. And which candidate is capable to do the job that needs to be done.

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