Let’s Get Real

10 Oct

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Republicans all want to accomplish the following:

  • Balance the budget just like you and I must do,
  • Cut taxes for families and businesses,
  • Rein in federal regulations that needlessly strangle our economic engines,
  • Tear down barriers to increased energy production, and
  • Return major federal responsibilities back to our states and communities where they can be performed more efficiently and responsively to serve Americans.

Focusing efforts on getting our house in order is a much better approach than pandering those looking for free handouts. But it is easy to see why the dem’s do that. It is just their way to buy votes rather than find solutions to their problems. It also keeps those who could help themselves subjugated to big government.

Selling emotion rather than facts is effective to gain votes. Take an example from VP Joe Biden. He said something like “republicans want to put you back in chains.” No wonder why the Black audience would want to vote democratic?

Or look at the picture of Rep. Paul Ryan pushing an old lady over the cliff. Easy to figure out how AARP members would vote.

But neither of these cases have any basis in fact. Actually, until the 1960’s Negros (as they were called back then) sided with Republicans more often than not.

Consider that Lyndon Johnson blocked Eisenhower’s attempt to advance the civil rights agenda. Yet when it suited his position a few years later the Civil Rights legislation passed under his presidency.

Even then the dems tried mightily to block that effort as well. Many more Republicans voted in favor of the Civil Rights legislation than did dems. You’d never know that now would you?

Again, emotions are great motivators. And dems are the masters of that craft. Why? If real facts entered the picture they would lose every time.

Just look at their leadership during the past fifty years in some of the cities where Blacks are suffering the most. Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, New Orleans, and Washington, DC to name a few. All run by democrats for years.

Facts are dull, often confusing and always prime for misuse. But not using them as a basis for decision-making can be very dangerous.

Most people aren’t interested in facts. Or at least doing the necessary research to make sure the facts they are using are accurate or are being properly applied.

The Affordable Care Act—what should we do about it?

It should be abolished in its entirety. But, before doing that a clearly articulated alternative should be developed. Not by just one party, or the health lobby groups, but in the way laws should all be drafted—the old fashioned way. All sides working together to find answers to our problems.

What exactly do we want to accomplish? And how do we get that done?

There are many, many laudable things in the ACA. It’s not like Republicans are opposed to them. Pick what is really needed early in the process; then figure out how to pay for it. Then let everyone know how the new Really Affordable Care Act will help them with their health issues.

And let’s not come up with another multiple-thousand page bill supported by only one political party. That didn’t work out well the last time and it won’t now.

Finally, don’t count on the Supreme Court to bail us out. That hasn’t worked well in the past has it?

Then, after a well thought out bill has been drafted, the ACA should be abolished. AND, then replaced.

This will be a good start in reducing our debt. There is no reason that the federal government should be running the show.

You guessed it. There’s more. See you next time.


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  1. Jim Milburn

    October 10, 2016 at 5:38 AM

    I couldn’t have said it better! I think Trump will do these things. Jim


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