Clean Up Obama’s Mess

06 Oct

Undoing most of the mess that President Obama created will take years. Sure, President Bush left him in a very bad position to start with. But he leveraged that beyond belief.

More damaging though is that some of the early actions Bush took to correct things were questionable. One thing for sure, they opened the door wide enough for Obama to go wild.

Let’s start with a big one.

Rebuild Our Military

The absolute number one priority of the federal government is to protect us from our enemies. Not just the old fashioned type of enemy, i.e., other nations that wish us harm. We need to deal with the new kind as well. Those acting more like lowlife thugs.

No matter which type that threatens us, we must have a strong, vibrant, well-respected military at our disposal.

Our current president prides himself on just how effective he has been. All the while dispatching our once powerful fighting force to his personal garbage heap. And the democratic candidates are in lock step with his policies. They even praise him.

We must undo the damage caused by the trillions of indiscriminate defense cuts Obama has made over the years. And, as candidate Rubio said, we must:

  • Plug critical operations and maintenance shortfalls, restore military readiness through accelerated training and exercises, and make targeted investments in urgent modernization priorities.
  • Build a “full spectrum” force able to maintain security simultaneously in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

All the Republican candidates stressed these steps as well. We don’t want to bully other nations. But, we do want them to know that they can count on us to live up to our commitments. Commitments either in favor of or against them.

We must be selective in the “Red Lines” we draw in the sand. But once drawn we have to follow through if they are crossed. Only in that way will others, both friend and foe, know they can trust us to live up to our word.

To do that we must have the military might to back up what we say. In no time at all, other countries will eagerly join us to accomplish our collaborative objectives.

One final point: the VA has failed our veterans, and continues to fail them every day. This must stop. At least on this point both Republicans and democrats agree. Alas though, the methods to accomplish this are night and day apart. It will take more than just the federal government to correct the mess we have now.

The Iran Debacle

The ill shaped Iran Deal must also be dealt with in order to improve out national security. President Obama’s flawed Iran deal is crazy to the extreme. It must be revoked.

It’s a prime example of how not to negotiate a deal. You never want something so badly that you are willing to give in to all your opponent’s demands.

Iran’s leaders must have to choose between having a nuclear weapons program or having an economy. It would be kind of nice if their leaders quit yelling (even ranting) “Death to America!”

Fiscal Sanity

$19 trillion debt. Just visualize your grandchildren dealing with paying that debt off. No way I want to go to my grave leaving them to fend for themselves like that.

It is insane to take on such a level of indebtedness. It will make slaves (or at least indentured servants) of us all. No way should we let Hillary add willy-nelly to our debt.

One political side thinks playing Robin Hood is admirable. It makes them feel good I guess. But I think they aren’t looking at Robin Hood correctly. After all he was robbing from the government. The Dems want to rob from the people to build up the government.

You hear little else from them. It is basically—give, give, give. But remember their mission is for people to be beholding to them. They obviously don’t think you can take care of yourself.

We’ll sum it up next time.


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