So What’s the Big Deal Anyway?

03 Oct


What is the most important issue that this election needs to resolve? Above all else, it is just a single issue. And that is:

Safeguarding Our Constitution!

Without any doubt it is the viability of the Constitution itself. Will it continue to be the shining light on the hill? Or will it degenerate into what the dems want, a living, but most certainly, a dying document?

The outcome will depend most importantly on who our next president is. Followed closely by which party controls the Senate.

That really sounds Draconian doesn’t it? Well it really isn’t. Here is why:

  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg, age 83
  • Anthony Kennedy, age 80
  • Stephen Breyer, age 78
  • A vacancy needing to be filled.

“We the People” need a president that will nominate Supreme Court Justices and lower-court judges who will interpret the Constitution not change it based on their beliefs. If the Supreme Court doesn’t accept the Constitution as originally written and amended then our country will continue its slide into a socialistic, valueless quagmire.

New Justices must be committed to:

  • Restoring the original constitutional structure of separation of powers and federalism;
  • Keeping the federal government within its original, limited sphere; and
  • Enforcing the rights that actually appear in the constitutional text, rather than inventing rights that do not exist.

“We the Government” types (democrats) want to fill the courts with living document believers. That way they make the federal government all-powerful the easy way. It only takes getting five people to do the job. Why make Congress do the dirty work? That’s just too messy. And, it takes too long.

The real aim of democrats is to hold the people down by providing “give away” programs. Making the people depend on government is the easiest way to keep them in their place.

They want to replace individual responsibility with government servitude. After all, they feel that ordinary folks really don’t know what’s good for them.

Their aim is to keep the majority under the wing of the government. To make sure they don’t exceed their correct place in life. It wouldn’t be right if they became self-sufficient now would it?

The lines couldn’t be more clearly drawn. Don’t let the wool be pulled over your eyes. The freedom of “We the People” is up for grabs. It is as simple as that. You either have freedom from government or become a slave to it.

But wait. There’s more! Check in next time.


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