A slippery slope too far…

19 Sep

Our two major political parties are badly split on one very important issue. Just how should our Constitution dictate the way we live our lives?

The Republicans believe the principles laid out by our founding fathers should determine how we behave as a nation. The democrats prefer that things have changed so much that these principles no longer apply.

One Supreme Court ruling after another have sided with the liberals. Each moving us further away from the individual freedom and limited government the Founders drafted for us. Our nation is careening down that “proverbial slippery slope” at the speed of a full-blown avalanche. One could say we are quivering precariously on the very edge of no return.

I think we are smashing headlong toward a catastrophic dismantling of our constitutionally guaranteed way of life. A way that has served us well for over two hundred years.

Individual freedom is being ripped from our grasp almost daily. Liberal doses of Political Correctness and ideological, rather than constitutionally based Supreme Court rulings have inched us closer to the edge. Feckless leadership by our recent presidents and many of our so-called congressional leaders push us even closer.

“We the People” have a choice to make in November. That choice has never been clearer.

Will we pick continued reliance on our government for supplying our basic needs? Or will we shift back toward self-reliance leaving the government to safeguard only the poor, the weak and the needy?

Do we want an all-powerful central government rather than control closer to “We the People?” These are the questions that voters will answer in November.

Tune out now if you are frightened by the thought of individual responsibility. Or by the thought that you, not the government, are your “brother’s keeper.”

If you fall in this camp reading on will only infuriate you. Kind of like I react reading the progressive gibberish spewed out by the liberal blogosphere. Except my language isn’t so crass.

If you want a country that is truly diverse, not just racially and ethnically, then continue reading. Explore the possibility of a country blessed with a healthy dose of diversity of thought. In other words, a county strengthened by a melting pot not unlike that which made this country truly exceptional.

If you’re inclining toward where I’m heading, hang in there. See you on my next post.


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