In the beginning…there was…

15 Sep

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“We the People of the United States…do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

This Constitution guaranteed “We the People” individual liberty and freedom. Its fundamental principles, if followed, will protect us from an oppressive government. Never again did our Founders want their children or grandchildren to live under a government that rules over us, dictating our every move.

But will this guarantee last forever? So long as we stick to the principles outlined therein we will be OK..

The founders felt an all-powerful government was not in the best interest of the people. They provided us a Constitution that protects us against such a government. That protection will remain as long as we want it.

But if we get sloppy and neglect its principles we can forfeit that protection. And it can be lost is less than a generation.

The Constitution set out the principles that guards against man’s natural tendency to seek power. Carefully crafted “checks and balances” allows the pendulum of power to swing back and forth. Thus assuring that power-hungry politicians could never steal power from “We the People.”

Our Constitution places political power squarely on the shoulders of “We the People.” The bedrock of power plainly and unmistakably rests with “We the People.”

After “We The People,” the power shifts to the individual states. Always keeping control as close to “We the People” as possible.

Finally, just to make sure that the central government’s power is kept in check; the Constitution specifically limits its power. Only after those activities the states and local government can’t effectively handle does power shift to the central government. Things like providing for our nation’s defense and regulation of immigration into our country clearly belong at the federal level.

These aren’t living, changeable principles. No, they are carved in stone. Should we violate them, we do so at our peril.

That’s not to say that things can’t change as time marches on. The Constitution provides a method to make adjustments when appropriate.

Several changes have been made from time to time. One of those amendments (XVIII) was reversed when “We The People” decided a mistake was made.

I think at least one other Amendment should be reversed (XVII) as it takes away the power the states should have over the federal government.

Perhaps one other (XVI) should be modified to require a vote of “We the People” as well as Congress before imposing income taxes on us. After all wasn’t “taxation without representation” one of the reasons we fought to break away from England?

I hardly think that only five or six hundred people adequately represent three to four hundred million people. Do you? Yet that is exactly how it works in this day and age. Sometime as few as five can mess things up.

So today we are struggling to see just how we proceed as a nation. Clearly, it is simply not possible for us to continue to think that we can continue on as we have the past twenty or so years. Now is the time to fish or cut bait.

That is what we’ll explore in the next few articles. It should be interesting.


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  1. Jim Milburn

    September 15, 2016 at 9:11 AM

    I think Trump can get us back on track. It will take some time to undo Obama mess, but he will Make America Great

    • Robert

      September 16, 2016 at 7:10 AM

      I think you are right about that. I’m particularly concerned what Hillary will do with the Supreme Court. That is the single most significant issue with me.


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