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30 Jul

Durning the past few days we’ve been able to witness the trials and tribulations of politicians operating under extreme pressure.  Pressure brought about by the reality of a looming deadline on an issue of monumental importance.  The political machinations of the so called Tea Party members of the House of Representatives has been fascinating…and illuminating.

Each member had to review his or her principles along with the promises they had made during their campaigns.  They knew full well the rock solid positions taken by the Tea Party movement during the last several months.  In fact, many of them got into office solely because of the support the Tea Party had given them.  They knew their constituents would be lazier focused on how they voted.  But, they also needed to weigh the political realities of the potential success of the  measures being proposed.

It was quite possible that they could lose support from the more moderate non-Tea Party voters, both in the Congress and the electorate in general.  It could be disastrous for them and the Republican Party should they come off as being the cause of the calamity that might befall the country should nothing be done to prevent it.

They knew the credibility and effectiveness of their leader, John Boehner would be in jeopardy should he be unable to cobble together a majority vote on his bill.  They knew the bill would be dead on arrival in the Senate, making its value seeming questionable.  Further, they knew that the Democrats were ready to ponce on anything that would put a chink in the Republican’s armor.  Yet they had to make a decision.

Each had to weigh the issues then put their vote out there for all to see.  In the end the measure passed and was sent to the Senate, where as expected it was quickly dismissed.

The fight is far from over but I believe that these Tea Party members were and will continue to be, extremely influential in upcoming legislation.  Had it not been for them and the way they handled themselves our objectives would not have been advanced at all.  Those supporters threatening future support should think twice before taking such action.

So far at least, budget cuts of some significant magnitude will no doubt happen, though surely the cuts won’t be as deep as needed.  Perhaps there will be no increases in our taxes either.  I think we are continuing to move in the right direction.  Having demonstrated their collective political courage I rest more comfortably knowing they aren’t about to rubber stamp the President’s or Senate’s lame-brained proposals.

The game is far from over; there will be more steps forward required in the future.  We must remember that the President and the bulk of the rest of Congress are really in control and they don’t support our view of limited government.  We must strive for even more dramatic reductions in our spending, but be cognizant of the fact that it will be tough sledding.  At least until the next election.  Then we will find out more clearly where the country stands on the role of government, be it limited or not.

The times ahead, they will be interesting.



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