Balanced Budget Amendment–Beacon or Anvil?

27 Jul

Is the time right for us to amend our Constitution?  Have we lost sight of the promise of limited government?  Does Congress, the President and the Supreme Court need a bit more guidance, guidance that will provide boundaries for their actions as they go about accomplishing their missions?

It appears to me that the answer to all these questions is: Yes.

While a Constitutional amendment won’t solve all of our fiscal problems, it will go a long way toward moving us in the right direction.  The need for this amendment is obvious in light of the free for all the last Congress and our president has officiated over.  Passing bills that simply throws money in all directions with no sense of focus is ludicrous.  Worse, its deadly when fiscal reality is thrown to the winds as well. It seems that the threat of a debt default might bring about such an amendment.  But it appears that President Obama is willing to go to the wall to see that he isn’t hamstrung by this kind of fiscal thinking.  He need now worry.  It is highly unlikely that he will still be in office by the time it would be approved by the requisite number of states.

This amendment would accomplish at least three things:  It would provide a set of boundaries that will limit the amount of spending and taxing that would be allowed.  It would provide some steel to the backbones of our leaders.  And, it would be something that couldn’t easily be changed at the whim of congress.

If it were to indeed accomplish these three things, then our government would be limited, at least to some extent.  Not quite as limited as our forefathers had in mind, but enough of a limitation that we wouldn’t be facing the dilemma we face today.

So a Balanced Budget amendment might just be both a beacon and an anvil.  It will shine some light on just how deep we could go into debt and yet be hefty enough to hold us back from the brink.  Seems to me a Balanced Budget Amendment would be a desirable thing.



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