Is Obama Resorting to Lying About the Debt Limit?

13 Jul

“You Lie,” shouts a man from the gallery.  “And you know it.”

Is it a lie or is it just political gibberish?  Or perhaps simply using scare tactics to accomplish his goal.  The truth of the matter rests in the President’s mind and his motive.  He certainly isn’t above trying to scare a particular segment of the population when he can’t fall back on the facts to support his position.

This “trick” is high on the list of the community organizer’s playbook.  And that is really the only job he has proven skillful at.  So is he using this tactic to divide and conquer or to rile people up against the republicans?

Using these tactics may have worked well in his past life, but they are not the tactics typically used by effective leaders.  They may work well during labor negotiations, but they are counter productive when seeking agreement that is truly mutually supported by all factions involved.  Sure you can get signatures on an agreement that way, but you could never generate a handshake based on mutual trust.

So just what was the reason that the President said that without a raise in the debt limit social security checks wouldn’t be in the mail after August 2?  Is he really that ignorant of how this country’s budget works?  I can’t believe that.  What I do believe though is that he is scared “speechless” about the possibility that he would have to make some quick and very hard decisions if this limit isn’t raised.

He could decide to let the government default.  Or he could decide to make the necessary payments to our bond holders, thus alleviating the need to default.  But then at the same time he would have to decide where to make the cuts.  And these cuts would be much more rigorous than those he would have to agree to in order to make the debt limit deal acceptable to the republicans.

I suspect he knows that, but is unwilling to make those cuts at this time.  He is betting that he can outlast the republicans in this financial game of chicken.  This means the decision will go down to the wire (another ploy of the community organizer).  The problem with that tactic is that the stock markets around the world, which detest dealing with an uncertain future, would probably overreact and we could be facing another gigantic crash.

So is he just out and out lying?  Is the solution to this problem so far over his head (or as he once said, out of his pay grade) that he is like a deer in the headlights of reality?  Or is he simply posturing to be in a position to blame (another community organizer trick) the republicans?

I’m not sure what is driving him.  But if I had any confidence that he knew how to lead rather than just thrive on consternation and confusion, I would rest a whole lot easier.

In any event I fear we’re in for a bumpy ride.


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