The Power of Redistributive Forces

08 Jul

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The other day I sat by the banks of the Shoshone River and watched one of the world’s greatest of forces at work.  A river has many tasks, not the least of which is to transport soil, rock and other debris from its place of origin and along its banks until eventually it all flows into one of our great oceans.

Rain, and melted hail or snow trickles across the terrain that lays beneath it, nibbling away as it goes.  Whether tumbling over craggy cliffs, or meandering through fruited plane, it is busy ripping apart and absorbing whatever rests in its path.  In the beginning its power is limited, yet it is relentless.  Each uprooted blade of grass, each tiny pebble dislodged, or grain of sand pushed slowly down hill will at some point in time serve to quench the river’s unending thirst.

Drop by drop, cupful by cupful the momentum of the river builds.  Multiplied by the strength of streams and rivers along the way its destructive force gouges out wider and wider paths, often redefining its very course until its objective is reached.

Along the way it deposits some of its hard earned spoils temporarily forming tiny islands or sandy beaches.  In time though it will once again grab hold its treasure and propel its captive multitude further downstream.  Eon after eon its intended quest is to eat away at any rock, hill, or mountain ridge until it conquers all high ground, leveling the world to a formless mass of mud.

So goes the redistributive forces of nature.  Thankfully, nature has a way to rebuild itself under the guidance of Devine intervention.

Redistributive forces of nature aren’t the only thing at work these days.  Albeit at a much smaller scale, there are those among us that wish to subject redistributive principles to our economic system.  These forces don’t rip away at mountains.  No, these forces tax away wealth accumulated through hard work by our more productive citizens, then redistribute it by gifting it to the less productive.

The end result of man’s redistributive efforts and that of nature is essentially the same, i.e., tear down until all slumps to the lowest common denominator.  Take from the wealthy and spread it around until their accumulated wealth is reduced to a level matching that of the poor among us.  Always tearing down rather than building up until in due time we will all be writhing about in one large murky pond of destitution.

Mighty as the mountains are, they are powerless to combat the forces wishing to tear them down.  Likewise, the wealthy will no longer be able to produce as they once did because their incentive to achieve will eventually erode away replaced by an ominous frustration of wondering if working hard is really worth it.  The poor will similarly ponder the need to do anything as they feel they will surely be taken care of.

Now, I believe that nature is a much more reliable guarantor of the earth’s sustainability than the cadre of will intentioned elite socialists that are attempting to tear our economic wellbeing asunder.  In short, God’s grand plan is trustworthy, the socialist’s fuzzy plan is not.

As long as there are those that “have,”  there will be those that “have not.”  But when those that “have” are deprived of their desire to achieve, there will be no one that “has” anymore.  This has been tried before and it has failed every time.  And, my friends, to try it again will be tragic indeed.


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