Jettison Jet Tax Break

02 Jul

“I think it’s only fair to ask an oil company or a corporate jet owner that has done so well to give up that tax break that no other business enjoys.”  So President Obama recently said as he conveys yet another flurry of pronouncements pitting one segment of our population against another.  He is saying this to support his desire to raise income taxes for the “rich.”  That way there will supposedly be more money in our coffers, thus requiring fewer spending cuts to bail us out of the financial mess he (and yes Bush too) has gotten us into.

Now I won’t dwell on the fact that if the oil companies get taxed more, they will simply pass that cost onto all of us, including the poor and other non-rich people.  Nor will I pontificate about one of the bigger benefactors of using jets as a means of efficiently carrying out one’s business.  After all I think it only right that the president of our country should be afforded the benefit of the safest possible way to travel.  I do get a bit testy though when his wife and kiddies jet off to some exotic land in the guise of “work related” travel as opposed to “vacation” travel.  Think Spain and Africa.  Don’t you think travel related businesses in the United States could benefit from their visit?  But I digress.

Now let us focus for a moment on some excessive costs his administration is racking up.  The exhorbanent use of limousines by his minions is outrageous.  He could easily rectify this abuse of privilege over night if only he would heed his own advice.

Newsmax magazine quoted some figures reported by the General Services Administration indicating that the size of the federal limousine fleet has increased by 73 percent in the past two years.  Most of that increase came from the State Department, 194 limos, bringing its total up to 259 limos.  It goes on to report that the Department of Homeland Security has only 118 limos, including those in the Secret Service, which by the way, is four fewer than it had in 2008.

According to the General Services Administration, during the last year of the Bush administration the total fleet of limos was just 238.  By 2010, that number had jumped to 412.

Now I’m just guessing that each of these limos are piloted and maintained by a staff of drivers and other sundry workers.  I guess all that can be justified because this increase represents “new” jobs.  And isn’t that a goal for President Obama?

Didn’t the President blowveate during his campaign that he would go over the budget line by line to cut out waste?  Maybe the community organizer in him took over as he perused the budget.  How else could one explain this inconsistency between his promises and his actions?

Before blazing off into another tirade of class warfare, I wish our president would consider the economic and employment consequences of what he is proposing.  But then again, perhaps he has.  Cutting back on the use of corporate jets would surely result in eliminating a sizable number of private sector jobs while he proceeds to drastically increase the number of public sector jobs.  Frightening isn’t it?


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