Them’uns vs Us’uns

12 Mar

Think back two years at the headlines in the mainline press.  “Anger Driven”   “Threatening”  “Divisive”  “Hate Filled”   These headlines all related to the Tea Party movement.  They highlighted anything that hinted at some kind of threatening action or depicting President Obama in a negative light.  The clear intent of these media outlets was to belittle, diminish and discredit the Tea Party rallies.

Fast forward to today’s headlines concerning the “unrest” in Wisconsin.  Quite a contrast don’t you think?  To read the articles and listen to the commentary one would think the protester’s motives were those of “good” vs “evil.”  All kinds of praise was being foisted on the protesters.

That kind of contrast depicted by the media wasn’t unexpected or at all surprising.  The contrast that is interesting is the composure of those attending each event.  On the one hand the Tea Party gatherings were mostly civil and well mannered.  The union driven protesters of late, however, were anything but civil or well mannered.

They clearly displayed hate and oozed of vitriol, even to the point of death threats.  This type of demonstration can be expected of union activists.  What is sad though is that teachers and firemen were made pawns in the protests.  Even some student’s participated.

It was a clear demonstration of how ordinary peaceful individuals can be sucked into an angry mob mentality by a few well placed union bullies.  Get used to it.  Over the next several months the real “evilness” of union thugs will show up more and more.  Threats of brutality will quickly morph into vicious violence.  This is the union’s cup of tea, their much preferred approach for dealing with conflicting views.

Don’t be fooled by the label Teacher Unions, or Government Employee Unions.  Teachers and government employees are for the most part good people with laudable motives.  But when it comes down to the survival of the unions, the goons take over.  You saw clear evidence of that by angry speeches and hate filled faces of those orchestrating the Wisconsin demonstrations.

‘Tis time for us to focus on the major issue, i.e., the impending demise of our various governments should the deficits not be brought under control.  We will all need to make some scarifies in order to dig ourselves out of this mess.  A mess the unions certainly contributed to.  What is needed now are cool heads….not hot heads.

If we all behave as the unions did in Wisconsin, then watch out.  Greece, here we come.


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