Why Sunset Public Collective Bargaining

05 Mar

Unions have their place and they have their time.  Their place because at times there is a very good reason to gather together to make demands and to collectively place grievances.

Some business leaders can be ruthless.  Even brutal.  When there is an oversupply of labor there may be a tendency to take advantage by bidding down wages or allowing poor working conditions.  At times like these it is often work or starve and desperate people will put up with a lot to not starve.  This is when unions have a place.

But a union is a living organism.  As it grows in success and power it gets in a position of jeopardizing the viability of the business.  Look at the manufacturing industry and the dilemma of numerous states.  In effect, unions can kill a company.  When it is faced with that result a business leader has some leverage by threatening to close shop, leaving the workers out of a job.  Governments don’t have this option, thus giving public unions considerably more power.

A living organism must grow or die.  So over time unions actually fight as much or more for its own existence rather than for the worker’s rights.  When that happens the worker’s needs become less important than the union’s.  And unions that can over power management can also bully its members.  When this happens everyone is hurt.  Except of coarse, the unions.

So then it is important to detect when this tipping point is reached.  When it is something must be done to correct the situation.  This is very difficult to do with a mature union.

But it can be done.  The best way to accomplish this would have been to have a sunset clause in their agreement when the workers hired their union in the first place.  Short of that, let the workers pick another union to do their bidding.  Require periodic votes on keeping the union would be a good start.  Also not allowing unions to collect dues without the workers consent or at least letting the workers determine where they want their money to be spent.

After all, what is important is the “worker’s rights,” not the  “union’s rights.”  And on that point I think I’m right.  How about you?


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