So what is our unemployment now?

05 Feb

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Statistics are statistics.  Their ambiguity is no more evident than what the latest numbers to come out on unemployment suggest.  It’s a bit confusing isn’t it?  We gained 36,000 jobs.  Seems that was enough to drop the unemployment down to nine percent from nine point three percent or thereabouts.  That’s an interesting shift.

I know, I know, a few people gave up looking, but still that is a big drop.  I’ve listened to those in the know try to explain it.  They seemed to be making a lot of guesses along the way.

One thing for sure, we are not getting enough new jobs generated.  And, I would guess we won’t until those that do the hiring have more certainty on just how much government is going to inflict them with new or expanded taxes or regulations.

It’s a shame that business decisions are being made based on the tax structure rather on the customer.  One can’t blame business from being leery when one of the biggest intrusions revolves around ObamaCare.  Why in the world would Obama want to delay getting the matter to the Supreme Court?  I can guess, but I’d rather not have to think our leader in those terms.

Anyway, I would guess that the latest figures will be adjusted sometime soon.  I would follow up that guess with the thought that the situation won’t be any clearer after the next round of numbers comes out.

In the meantime, keep an eye on the calendar.  I’ll bet the mid April payment of our taxes won’t go by without some question about whether or not our tax preparation method is based on all the correct facts.  Keep you hands in your pockets just to make sure Uncle Sam isn’t tempted.


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